BURIAL HORDES "War, Revenge And Total Annihilation" Digipak CD

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BURIAL HORDES "War, Revenge And Total Annihilation" Digipak CD

The past is revived again with this exclusive re-issue of the album responsible for treading the unholy grounds in the Greek Black Metal movement. As raw and primitive it can get, BURIAL HORDES brings us back on a nostalgia trip with ‘War, Revenge And Total Annihilation’ and never compromising on the old sound of pure Black Metal, the way it should be!

Recharged with a fresh cover artwork and layout, this exclusive re-issue also features 2 bonus tracks previously taken from the ‘Total Gathering Of Supremacy’ split cassette album with Eschaton.

1. Bestial Bloodwar
2. Aeons Of Hell
3. Beyond Thy Mortal Sphere
4. Cosmic Genocide
5. Burial Hordes
6. Army Of Heretics
7. The Rapture Of Hatred
8. Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
9. Majestic Black Dawn Arise
10. Glorious Inferno
11. Bestial Bloodwar (Bonus Track)
12. Submission To Eternal Pain (Bonus Track)

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