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LAVATORY "Morbid Terror" Super Jewel Box CD


Image of LAVATORY "Morbid Terror" Super Jewel Box CD

Ugly rotting Death Metal is alive and well in the form of Malaysian monstrosity LAVATORY! The group's cryptic debut album entitled "Morbid Terror" is a cyclone of chainsawfuck riffs held in true fashion to the ancient Swedish necropolis-obsessed Death Metal soaked in a fanfare of corpses, gore and death.

With the stunningly spectral cover artwork by Swedish ghoul-lustrator Daniel 'Devilish' Johnsson (Entrails, Sorcery, Torture Division, etc), "Morbid Terror" exudes a bewitching charm that brought back the preceding Swedish Death Metal primordial atmosphere with a genuine sense of urgency.

1. Absorption (Intro)
2. Descent Into Madness
3. Death Is Imminent
4. Thousand Roads To Hell
5. Morbid Terror
6. Restless Souls
7. Miserable Life
8. Mask Of Malevolence
9. Summoning In Dun Laoghaire
10. To The End Of The World