BURIAL HORDES "Devotion To Unholy Creed" CD

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BURIAL HORDES "Devotion To Unholy Creed" CD

A constitution of dark faith and inexorable nature, Greece’s BURIAL HORDES has earned their ranks in the Black Metal sovereignty with ‘Devotion To Unholy Creed’, a follow-up of their sophomore album ‘War, Revenge And Total Annihilation’.

In the habitual tradition of BURIAL HORDES, ‘Devotion To Unholy Creed’ sears through the unbelievers and still preserving the authenticity of Black Metal ideology! Fans of early Marduk and Mayhem will revel with this soon-to-be cult classic.

1. Praise The Bloodcode Of Hatred
2. Devotion To Unholy Creed
3. Infernal Necromancers
4. Hellborn
5. Gods Cutthroat
6. Abysmal Goatfeast
7. Splendid Destruction
8. Stench Of Immortal Doom

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