CRUCIFYRE "Black Magic Fire" Gatefold LP

$20.00 USD
CRUCIFYRE "Black Magic Fire" Gatefold LP

From the abysm of the ever-notorious unhallowed Sweden, CRUCIFYRE writhes its way through with a subterranean motive to inflict more ghoulish audio-attack with "Black Magic Fire".

Unruffled by trends, CRUCIFYRE blitzkrieg through their no-bullshit authoritarian style that is once again clearly evident on "Black Magic Fire", uttering imprecations in the name of His Dark Majesty.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at X-Level Studios (ABBA, Roxette, Lady GaGa, etc), and album artwork cover immaculately conceived by Stefan Hansson, the Horned One shall raise the chalice once more in celebration of "Black Magic Fire"!

Packaged in an elegant gatefold sleeve, three different colour editions will cloak this morbid wax:

White vinyl (100 copies exclusively from Crucifyre)
Royal Blue vinyl (100 copies exclusively from Pulverised Records)
Black vinyl (100 copies exclusively from PHD)

  • Black Vinyl
    8 available 100%