EXANIMATVM "Sollvm Ipsa Mor" LP

$20.00 USD - $22.00 USD
EXANIMATVM "Sollvm Ipsa Mor" LP

Chilean abyssic hellhounds EXANIMATVM once again commence the group’s second ritual of fervent darkness with “Sollvm Ipsa Mor”!

With bone-crushing impenetrable riffs interwoven with a dense-fog aura of unease and dread, “Sollvm Ipsa Mor” unveils a different beast; forging into mystifying song structures with a rich reverence to occultic Death Metal.

Recorded by EXANIMATVM’s Jorge Tréllez (aka K.C) with mixing and mastering duties handled by B. Nekroskull (Invincible Force, Putrid Evocation, etc). Cover artwork by Mauricio Bonacic (Agathocles, Pentagram Chile, etc).

"Sollvm Ipsa Mor" comes in the following vinyl variants:
- 100 copies on Orange Crush in Milky Clear Vinyl with Splatter
- 100 copies on Mustard in Orange Crush Vinyl
- 100 copies Orange Crush Vinyl
- 200 copies on Black Vinyl

1. En las Negras Aguas de Atélily
2. Sollvm Ipsa Mor o La Voraz Antítesis del Cosmos
3. Chskl o En las Misteriosas Profundidades de Tkoyuska
4. Magna Veritas

  • Black Vinyl
    8 available 100%
  • Orange Crush in Milky Clear Vinyl with Splatter
    20 available 100%
  • Mustard in Orange Crush Vinyl
    23 available 100%
  • Orange Crush Vinyl
    20 available 100%