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LVCIFYRE "The Calling Depths" Super Jewel Box CD


Image of LVCIFYRE "The Calling Depths" Super Jewel Box CD


London chaos-horde LVCIFYRE unleashes the debut Death Metal beast entitled “The Calling Depths”, reigning supreme as possibly one of 2011's sickest album of the year. Featuring current and ex-members of Adorior, Corpus Christii and Necrosadist, LVCIFYRE is without doubt a manifestation of pure evil permeated with demonic, dissonant Death Metal sophistication at best!

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Poland's Factory Studio and with the album artwork and layout by fiendish art illustrator Alexander L. Brown (Mitochondrion, Corpsessed, Witchrist, Wodensthrone, etc), “The Calling Depths” displays a healthy slab of unfeeling riff-decimation and tastefully deformed the Death Metal genre into the most horrific and spine-tingling euphonic assault to the ears. The diabolical occult of the Ancient Ones is once again omnipotent!

1. The Calling Depths
2. Succubi
3. The Faceless One
4. LCF
5. Holy Chaos
6. Death's Magnetic Sleep
7. Husk Of Impurity
8. The Great Fall