MOLIS SEPULCRUM "Left For The Worms" 12" Mini LP

$15.00 USD - $17.00 USD
MOLIS SEPULCRUM "Left For The Worms" 12" Mini LP

Hungary’s new hideous deathbeasts MOLIS SEPULCRUM, featuring members from Gravecrusher and Mörbid Carnage, unleashes their debut MLP “Left For The Worms”; a sickening plunge into an extremely vicious bite of HM-2 drenched Death Metal.

Riff after riff of unclean worm-ridden Death Metal infestation, all manifested under six tracks in vile primitive fashion; filed under ffo Dismember, Grave, early Cannibal Corpse & Boss HM-2 Swedeath!

Recorded at Obsidian Studio and Voice-Beat Studio King with mixing at Obsidian Studio. Cover artwork by Sickness666 (Abigail, Impiety, Diephago, etc).

Vinyl variants available in 100 copies white and black merge, 100 copies white in clear vinyl with splatter and 300 copies black vinyl.

1. The Prey
2. Impaled by Fear
3. The First Insection
4. The Agony Of Decease
5. Ready For Dissection
6. Left For the Worms

  • White In Ultra Clear Vinyl With Splatter
    16 available 100%
  • White / Black Vinyl
    18 available 100%
  • Black Vinyl
    16 available 100%