TEMISTO "Temisto" LP

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TEMISTO "Temisto" LP

Available on vinyl audio-damnation in 300 copies on Black vinyl and an exclusive run of 200 copies on Bone-colored vinyl. Includes a digital download card.

Extremely putrid-fresh from the cabalistic land of Sweden comes
Death Metal supremos TEMISTO, with their brand new debut magnum-occultus simply entitled "Temisto".

Blending a perfect mix of the blasphemous nature that is Death Metal with bursts of intricate maze-like passages executed with razor sharp precision, TEMISTO undoubtedly exudes an unspeakable zeal for the obscurity and unworldly.

Produced and engineered by ex-Morbus Chron frontman Robert Andersson with Elias Scharmer (ex-Abduction, ex-Mutilate) and then painstakingly mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Desultory, Repugnant, etc). Also featuring the gracefully morbid artwork of Obsessed By Cruelty (Enforcer, Sabbat, Wolfbrigade, etc).

For fans of Autopsy, Morbus Chron, Obliteration, Morbid Angel, etc!

1. Above Sacred Ground
2. Descent Into Madness
3. Abyssal Depths
4. Medusa
5. The Ritual
6. Succubus
7. Demiurge
8. Bestial Visions
9. Temple Of The Damned
10. Seance

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